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The Mongols Motorcycle Club

Elsewhere on this site you can read about the Hells Angels, the Pagans, the Bandidos and the Outlaws and these four are generally regarded as the biggest of the motorcycle gangs with the Pagans just squeaking in there despite being confined to … Continue reading

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Bandidos Motorcycle Club

Along with the Outlaws and Hells Angels, the Bandidos are another of the motorcycle clubs which fall under the definition of the one percenters – referring to the one percent of motorcyclists the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is supposed to … Continue reading

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The Outlaws Motorcycle Club

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club, despite being older than the Hells Angels, still continues to lack what some might call the ‘romance’ of the rival motorcycle gang.  It is very rare to hear stories regarding the Outlaws which don’t refer to … Continue reading

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Hells Angels – Part Two

In the first part of our Hells Angels guide, we explained the somewhat uncertain roots of this motorcycle group and discussed their gradual expansion throughout California in the 1950s, detouring to New Zealand in 1961 before further groups were established … Continue reading

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