Thailand’s Justice System – Part Three

Aside from the usual low-level corruption and patronage that invests this South East Asian

Photo of biker Kevin Attew

Kevin Attew

country, there have been very little incidents which warrant writing an article, at least from the sunny island where I reside.  The last one was a few months ago and perhaps the lack of tourists and the departure of a fair number of expats means that occurrences such as these slightly more few and far between.

However we’ve all been brought back down to earth recently with the untimely death of 57 year old English resident Kevin Attew.  Kevin was a long term resident of this island and a active participant in one of the several motorcycle clubs which have found a home on the island.  Like or loathe these groups of elderly bikers, mostly they just ride around, occasionally raising money for a local charity.

Kevin was found dead floating in a lake which adjoins the main tourist resort here.  Now people do drown of course and this is what the local police initially noted as the cause of death.  After a more detailed report from an autopsy from a mainland police laboratory, the island police reluctantly though about opening a murder investigation.  As of June 15th that is no longer the case and we are back to a suicide by ‘drowning’.

So what’s the reasons for thinking this may be other than a suicide?

Kevin had a number of wounds on his head, hands and back and the autopsy showed he had been lain on his back for at least two hours before entering the water – the blood all drains in the direction of gravity after death so an investigator can tell how the body has been lying.

There was a tiny amount of water in the lungs, less than half a can of coke’s worth, not really enough to cause drowning and the body was found in a secluded part of the lake, but one accessible by car.

Kevin’s long time girlfriend had a history of violence against him and a cynic might view the ‘panicked’ phone calls she made to his friends after he went missing with some suspicion.

This website casts no aspersion on anyone but does find it inconceivable that with the evidence at hand the police have decided no investigation is necessary.  Thailand becomes more unappealing with every case like this.

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