The mysterious escape of the Man In The Yellow Tie – Part 4

In order to buy a house on the Thai paradise of Ko Samui, one had to open a company in Thailand, and appoint a Thai citizen as the owner of the company. The man in the yellow tie had all the relevant information printed on fancy paper for the potential customers. They have been told that Blue Coconut Ltd. (that was Joe’s company name, one of many) will take care of all paper work and buerocracy regarding the creation of that company, and that it will suggest a Thai person as the owner of that company, in case the customer did not have anybody else. Of course none of them had, and so Wat, the rich mafia related guy, got to own after two years more than 340 companies, all owing houses and flats on the fast developing island of Samui.

The trick was simple, and not very innovative: Jow and Wat had about 30 houses/apartments on the island, and they sold each one of them more than once, each time taking deposits and never giving keys. It was an easy trick to pull, since most of the buyers haven’t actually been on the island, but bought the estates through agencies and lawyers. With so many middle-men, it was very easy for Joe to stay far and safe, while becoming very rich.

During those two years Joe and Wat have made together about 30,000,000 Pounds Sterling. It was never too clear what was the deal between them, but even if Joe was given only 10% of their share, he could still live the life of a monarch, wherever he was fleeing to. But first he had to plan the perfect escape.

Wat, the local Thai that partnered with the man in the yellow tie, was free to go wherever he wanted to. He could even stay right there on Samui, and nobody would put him behind bars – simply because he knew too many of the mafia men secrets. But after two years of earning big money on the backs of people, Wat suddenly started to regret it all.

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