A story of a too young hacker, Loney Gloom – part 4

Loney Gloom had seven months to operate. If he wanted to stay with the girl he loved, and raising a family, he had to find a way out of the machine. For Loney Gloom the one way was fame. After he is rewarded with fame, he could go work as a system administrator or whatever it was out there for old hackers. Old hackers not yet 22, that is.

Every hacker has the things he loves doing: cracking software keys, bringing websites down, breaking into banks, etc. Loney Gloom’s favorite act was infecting private computers with not too bad worms. He used to create trojans that were not meant to destroy your life, just make you realize how you were not in such a private place like you maybe thought you were. He wanted to make sure people saw the web as a public area, like a street, and not like a private club. Sometimes this trojan was built to give you a list of your files, or your latest actions online, or the list of contacts from your email box.

Andy never made any profit from those actions – this is what he later said when his family demanded answers – he merely did it because he could. He was an artist, he said, an artist that worked with code, with mathematics. He wasn’t a bad guy. But when you act under pressure, you make mistakes, and sometimes those are fatal mistakes.

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