About Unreported Cases

Unreported cases is kind of a diary to me. I keep it updated with new stories I hear about, and it reflects my life. Yes, I’m obsessed with crime, especially crimes that were never solved, or even investigated.

I used to work in the police, as a part of the dream of living the dark side of life, from the right side of the law. I always read crime books and I hoped my life would look like the books I read. But it wasn’t. Working in the police was a boring job, with too many office hours and paper work. And I hated most of the people I had to work with.

Luckily my parents never quit their jobs, so I could travel the world, only to find that the dark side of life doesn’t give itself too easily: it needs to be discovered. My ability to make people trust me, the things I read in all those crime books, and my ability to hold  a drink – all those helped me to experience the dark side as a free person, not obligated to any action.

I’m looking for new unreported cases all the times. I travel the world, learn the area I’m at, and go out drinking with the locals. This is the best way I know to dig those stories, those dark, secret, life of criminals all around the world.

I don’t encourage crime in any way. I don’t recommend any of the illegal actions I write about. I simply document it, like a freelance police recorder. I’m only the tape, come and take a look at my records.

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